Nursery Shoot 2 - Soft Focus Imagining

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Shoot 2 - The Revenge of the Nursery

Starts exactly where The Nursery ends

In shower (4 shots)

Mr. Bear ties string to chair leg and is seen pulling the string across the floor. Obviously a trip rope) 4 shots

Out of shower, puts on panties (3 shots)

Wraps towel around herself (2 shots)

Leaves bathroom (1 shot from behind 1 shot from the front 1 shot from distance with Mr. Bear ready to pull string tight.)

Close up of string tight and foot under it (1 shot)

Close up of foot and leg at about 45 degrees, obviously tripped (1 shot)

Close up of head about to hit table (1 shot)

Close up of head hitting table and blood from wound (1 shot)

Body slumped on floor with growing gash on head (2 shots)

Mr. Bear pulling arm straight (2 shots)

Close ups of Mr. Bear nailing arms and feet to floor (5 shots)

Full body shots seeing you nailed in an "X" to the floor. (2 shots)

Close up of panic stricken face gash even bigger, pool of blood on ground. (2 shots)

Close up of Mr. Bear holding large knife cutting off panties (One side only) (3 shots)

Mr. Bear stood on stomach, knife held over head in stabbing position. (2 shots)

Close up of face from above eyes wide open - horror look. (1 shoot)

Close up of knife plunged into chest just below breast bone, not to much blood yet, just around blade. (1 shot)

Let the gutting begin.    Series of shots as Mr. Bear guts her all the way down to her pubic bone. On each shot it gets bloodier and bloodier with guts dropped across stomach area and the skin folded away. (10 to 15 shots)

Full body shots of her as Mr. Bear stands on pubic bone. Blood and guts and splatter everywhere. (2 shots)

Mr. Bear wading waist deep back up her. (3 shots)

Mr. Bear with front paws plunged deep inside chest (2 shots)

Mr. Bear pulling out heart and eating. (2 shots)

Mr. Bear sitting using her crotch as a back rest, lit cigarette in month ( 3 shoots)

Full body shoots of her with blood pouring out of every opening. (5 shoots)

Closing shoots - Mr. Bear cutting off the rest of her panties off.

Final .. Mr. Bear holding the panties over his head ... blood dripping everywhere. (3 shoots)
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