Nursery Shoot 1 - Soft Focus Imagining

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Shoot 1 - The Nursery
Costume - She's ready for bed wearing a White T shirt or Nightie that comes down to about 3 or 4 inches above the knees. White panties.

Brushing hair (2 shots)

Sitting reading a book like Bernstein Bears / Cat in Hat .. (4 shots)

Drops Book on floor (2 shots)

Slump in chair looking bored as hell fiddling with bottom of T shirt  (3 shots)

Picks up Barbie / Ken dolls. Dolls are dirty / cloths ripped. (2 close ups and 1 distant shot).

Pretends they fuck / 69 with evil grin on face. (3 shoots)

Pulls Barbie / Ken to bits (4 shoots)

Sticks Ken's head on what's left of Barbie's body (2 shots)

Picks up modeling knife and runs finger along edge (add blood as we go 2 shoots)

Runs knife along arm (add blood 4 shoots)

Arm dripping blood onto T-shirt (2 shoots)

Total destruction using knife / hands / teeth of stuffed toys . Stuffing and bits and pieces of toys everywhere.

Close ups of her cutting eyes / noses / mouths off.
Close up's of her cutting "genital" area of stuffed doll
Close up's of her gutting bears etc
From every angle possible on destruction of toys 30+ shots

Re-cuts her arm (2 shots)

Drips blood all over the remains of the animals (4 shots)

In shower with T shirt ( 3 shots)

Takes off T shirt (now in panties) (2 shots)

Takes of panties (2 shots)

End Sequence for Nursery.
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