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The Models.  - video


The basic concept is to do a 15 to 30 minute video of a photoshoot.

But it needs to be edgy and very cutting  edge in it's approach.

No basic story line yet but would require

  • Makeup Artist
  • Costumer to help get things perfect
  • Two or Three models (preferably willing to do partial nudity but not imperative) who will be able to ooze attitude. Ability for good poise goes without question.
  • Photographer (Could be another model willing to act the part) male of female.
  • Location needs to be out of the way (prying eyes)


With three models it would be interesting to have a total melt down between the models and the video would use both the meltdown and the actual shots of the models. Perfect contrast.

But very much open to ideas on this.

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