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Story development - draft 2


Story development - Nigel Aves

Copyright 2010 - Nigel Aves


Laying in bed, picture of "man / boy friend" in shot -  3 shots slowly waking up.

Standing by window opening blinds / curtain, shoulders sagging - holding picture- 3 shots

Walking to bathroom (shot from behind) dropping night gown on way - 2 shots

In shower, side view ... 2 / 3 shots  (shot this right at end after bath scene)

Dressing - 3 shots

Kitchen making coffee

Loading coffee machine - 2 shots

Sitting at table waiting head in hands - 2 shots

Sitting at table pouring coffee / drinking coffee - 5 shots (Do you smoke?)

Living room putting on CD / sitting slumped in chair  - larger picture of BF on side table - 4 shots

Living room reading paper turned to obituaries section - 3 shots

Throws paper on floor, picks up picture and stares at it and cries - 5 shots

Close up of tears on face - 2 shots

Close up of picture on lap - 2 shots

In kitchen getting knife from draw - 2 shots

Cutting scene  (we keep adding more blood to each cut as we go)

Laying on bathroom floor in fetal position - 2 shots

Puts candles around bathroom and lights them (have picture of BF somewhere in shot, possible propped up against bathtub) - 4 shots

Undresses - 3 shots

Sitting up looking at knife - 3 shots

Slowly cuts arm left - 2  shots

Slowly cuts arm right - 2 shots

Licks blood of knife (crying) - 2 shots

Slowly cuts leg - 4 shots

Fills bath tub - shots of blood dripping into water - 4 shots

Lays in bath looking at knife - 2 shots

Gets picture of boyfriend and puts next to her - 2 -3 shots

Opens veins in both wrists - add blood as we go - water turning redder and redder - 8 shots

Closing shots - slumped in tub, eyes closed, half smile on face, total peace - 3 / 5 shots.

Total 82 shots for entire story line (probably trimmed to 50 to 60 in finished product.

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