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This is a typical Model Agreement when the Model is paid by TFCD / TFP.
Time For CD and / or Time For Print

For good and valuable consideration herein acknowledged as received, the Model and the Photographer (each as identified in the signature section below) hereby agree as follows:

1. Photograghs.
This agreement (this “Agreement”) applies to any and all photographs of the Model and/or the Model’s property (the “Property”) taken on the session date(s) noted below (collectively, the “Photographs”).

2. Grant of Rights.


The Model hereby grants to the Photographer, full permission to use for self promotion. No photographs taken under this agreement shall be used in any way for sale or distribution for commercial use. The Model acknowledges and agrees that all uses shall be without further compensation to the Model. The Model consents to use of the Model’s name or any fictitious name, or any caption or printed material, in connection with the Photographs.


The Photographer hereby grants to the Model, full permission to use for self promotion. No photographs taken under this agreement shall be used in any way for sale or distribution for commercial use. The Photographer will supply a CD (and or prints) that contains the finished photographs from the photo-shoot. The CD will be provided in a timely manner not exceed 2 weeks.

3. Ownership.
The Model acknowledges and agrees that the Photographs, and all right, title and interest in and to the Photographs, including all copyright and other intellectual property rights, and all rights in and to the physical Photographs themselves and all reproductions, are the sole property of the Photographer. The Model agrees that the Photographer may in his or her sole discretion protect the copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the Photographs, and dispose or authorize the use of any or all such rights in any manner whatsoever.

4. Release and Indemnity.
The Model hereby releases and indemnifies the Photographer, and the Photographer’s agents and representatives, licensees and sublicensees, assigns, heirs and successors, from and against all claims, expenses (including attorney fees) or other liability arising from and against any and all uses of the Photographs, including, without limitation, any claims or actions based on libel or slander or other defamation, right of privacy or “false light”, right of publicity, or blurring or distortion or alteration whether or not intentional.

The Model and Photographer each hereby warrant that he or she has read this Agreement prior to execution, and is fully familiar with the contents of this Agreement. If the subject of any of the Photographs is Property, the Model hereby warrants that he or she is the owner, or otherwise has the right to permit the photographing, of the Property.

This Agreement shall be binding on the agents and representatives, licensees and sub licensees, assigns, heirs and successors of each of the Model and the Photographer.

If the Model is an entity and not a natural person, personal pronouns in this Agreement shall also include the neutral gender where the context so requires.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Photographer and the Model (or the Model’s parent or guardian, as applicable) have executed this Agreement as of the date indicated below.

DATE: _________ PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION DATE(S): _____________

The Photographer_______________ Print Name ________________

The Model
(Indicate name of entity and name and title of signatory
if the Model is not a natural person)

The Model_______________ Print Name _______________

Address (If the Model is a minor)
I represent and warrant that I am the parent or guardian of the Model and consent to this Agreement.
Parent or Guardian
Print Name
Print Name

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