During the 60's everyone was fed-up with the BBC and the "music" they were offering. So all around the coast of the UK "Pirate Radio Stations" popped up! Some were on boats, and some in 2nd World War "forts". All of this had to take place outside the infamous 5mile limit.

Here is the show I put together in total respect for these intrepid DJs, technicians etc. The show is interspersed with the real jingles from the pirate radio stations. At the end of this show I've included the very last broadcast of the station that started it all, Radio Caroline as it was sinking in a wild North Sea storm .  


Here is the show that I put together for the Saturday night following the death of that intrepid Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett. Shine on you crazy diamond.

My final show on KRFC, 88.9, Fort Collins. (You might notice that I'm a bit of a lover for Pink Floyd)

Not sure how I met Misty Haze now, but I invited her into the studio to talk about the Pornographic Industry. She ran her own production house, and was star in many of her movies. It makes an interesting look into this genre of, dare I say, entertainment. While we were on the air we mentioned that we would be going for a beer at Avos, show ended at mid-night, we went to Avos, and the place was "packed" with people wanting to meet a real, live, porn star! (See a lot more (a whole lot more) of Misty Haze here (i.e. Over 18 only))

Misty Haze Part 1 

Misty Haze Part 2 

And finally a look into the strange world of S&M with David Blain and Lady Violet Arcane. (See a lot more (a lot lot more) of Lady Violet Arcane here (i.e. Over 18 only))

S&M Part 1

S&M Part 2
S&M Part 3

And here are a few photographs taken in and around KRFC from the shows. (plus a couple of others).

krfc pic1 webkrfc pic2 webkrfc pic3 web

 krfc pic5 webkrfc pic6 webmisty haze 023violet 1violet 2violet 3